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STR Air Conditioning Norwich, Norfolk

Porsche Air Conditioning, STR Porsche Specialists, Norwich, Norfolk
Porsche Air Conditioning, STR Porsche Specialists, Norwich, Norfolk

Summer Special - Air Conditioning Service Only £49.95 + vat!

Air Conditioning Service & Debug Only £85.95 + vat!
Air Conditioning Refill (from empty) Only £89.95 + vat!
Just mention the website when booking in

STR Service Centre are one of the few Porsche air conditioning experts in the area - whether its simply a top up or service or if your air conditioning isn't working efficiently or at all, just pop your Porsche in for a free with check us.

The air conditioning system in your Porsche is a serviceable item, just as you have to change your oil and air filters from time to time and should be serviced every 2 years.

Did you know that?:

  • Fungi and bacteria can grow in car A/C systems and can cause allergic reactions such as hayfever, skin irritations, runny noses and itchy eyes.
  • Due to natural leakage through naturally slightly porous pipes, most A/C systems will lose around 15-20% refrigerant every 12 months resulting in a less powerful and less efficient system.
  • If not serviced regularly, your A/C system will put a strain on the compressor which can result in the compressor wearing out quickly, as well as causing costly, increased fuel consumption as it draws on more engine power to run the system.

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for a service centre / garage to use only technicians who are fully certified and qualified to carry out any work on your Porsche air conditioning?  STR Service Centre is one of the few service centres in this area to have obtained this qualification which will help to ensure that your cars air conditioning system is working effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner - thus saving you money and fuel!

For more detailed information on our air conditioning services, please refer to our main website: