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IMS Bearing Supply & Fittings

IMS Bearing Supplies & Fittings

Here at STR we can supply and fit an IMS Bearing to your vehicle!
Porsche models of the ages between 1998-2006 ranging from a Boxster, Cayman and 911 are known for suffering from IMS failures.

If you are encountering rear oil leaks from your engine we advise you to get it checked as soon as possible!
Another way for you to see if you have a failing bearing is to check the filter when doing an oil change; if you notice any contamination or metallic debris in the oil filter this means you will need a new IMS Bearing as soon as possible!

In the long-run this could cause severe damage to the engine and Intermediate Shaft which in turn can lead to needing an engine change or if left unattended and not rectified as soon as possible, it could result in a major engine damage or failure.

In order to avoid these expensive and/or severe repairs, get your IMS Bearing supplied and fitted by STR - give us a call and we can help fix the problem for you. Call: 01603 626 668 or email: