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Porsche Club

If like us, you are as passionate about all things Porsche - why not consider joining the Porsche Club - Norfolk and Suffolk Region?  Visit or access the Club Forum

You can chat on-line with members as a visitor to the forum prior to joining; discuss just some of the activities on offer including track days, factory visits, organised tours, monthly club nights, Le Mans visits, concours or just enjoying your Porsche.

Porsche Club Norfolk Visit

STR were pleased to receive members from the Porsche Club Norfolk where members of the STR Team talked on a number of different engineering aspects, including Porsche diagnostics and Porsche wheel alignment, as well as racing Porsches.  STR were also delighted to welcome Graham Turner, who gave a talk on his replica Porsche 917!  Give us a call on 01603 626 668 and we can point you in the right direction of the Norfolk and Suffolk Regional Organisers!

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